HICKABEE Live @ Cervantes


Hickabee is a Colorado based band striving to bring original y'allternative music to fans of all ages. They met in Palmer Lake, CO at a small coffeeshop. They were initially connected by a similar taste in musical influences, and continued the jams when the opportunity for a first album appeared.  Hickabee is now currently working on their first album and will be releasing singles throughout 2022.

Hickabee has had the opportunity to perform live on Mountain Country Radio KQSC, Fox 21 news, and Fox 31 news. They have played live shows large and small at venues such as Rock Ledge Ranch, The Boot Barn Hall, and Cervantes. Hickabee is ready to take on as many shows as they can get and really make a name for themselves. Check out some videos of our performances here on our website.


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